Day 0 – 27th October


Happy Birthday Baby Garner!

Our baby boy made his very dramatic entrance into the world at 7.42am this morning, weighing 7lb11oz.

Baby was all ready to arrive ‘naturally’ until a last minute change of position caused him to have huge deceleration of his heart rate which he wasn’t able to recover, so a very quick decision was made to deliver him by emergency c section.

He surprised the doctors and came out pink and breathing for himself, and even managed a little cry with apgar scores of 7 then 9. After a quick check over, stabilisation and a cuddle from Daddy, he was rushed off to NICU for assessment.

Once in NICU, Baby was able to breathe for himself and a cardiologist was called to check him over as it was not expected that he would be able to breathe alone. After 2 hours he was working too hard and burning too many calories so the decision was made to intubation and ventilate.

8 hours after he was born, Mummy was finally able to be taken to meet him in NICU.  Amazing moment 🙂


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