Day 12 – 8th November

Today started with Thomas having a bronchogram. This is a scan done in the CT machine which a dye contrast put into his airways so that the respiratory team were able to get a real time video image of what is actually happening in his airways when he attempts to breathe for himself. The findings were as we expected and not great news for Thomas. It was seen that without being given pressure from the ventilator or hand bagging that he as unable to get air into his lungs due to his airways collapsing as his pulmonary arteries are pressing on his trachea and bronchi.

This is what we already knew from the bronchoscope however had hoped that he would be able to get some air in himself.

After the scan the findings were explained to us and we were told that they would be meeting with cardiology and deciding what the next steps were.

After a long day, at 7pm a doctor came to see me to tell me that they want to take Thomas for surgery tomorrow. Definitely not the news I was expecting, He’s 13 days old. It’s too soon.

So after a lot of discussion of the risks of surgery at this age and the associated risks of surgery, I signed the consent forms. I stayed with Thomas through the night until I could no longer sit up in my chair. Surgery at 13 days old. Terrifying.

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