Day 6 – 2nd November


Today was was a big day for Thomas in terms of getting some answers. He was sent for a CT scan to have a look at his airways yesterday due to some questions over the results of his chest x-rays. The doctors were concerned that his x-rays were showing restricted/no growth of his right lung due to how displaced his heart was to the right because of his hugely enlarged pulmonary arteries.

Unfortanutely their suspicions were correct and it was seen that Thomas has an underdeveloped right lung as his heart is displaced to the right, so it took up the space of the lung during foetal development. It was also seen that his left lung compensated for the undergrowth of the right by growing much larger and taking over the top of his chest, where the right wasn’t able to get to due to the heart essentially blocking it.

The CT scan also brought up questions about how well formed his airways (trachea and bronchi) are. It was seen that there s some compression but 2e won’t know how severe this is until he has further testing.

All this sounded like very bad news, however we met with the most loveliest of consultants who reassured us that although these issues were on the more severe end, there was plenty that could be done for him. Also that just time could benefit Thomas as airways and lungs continue to grown and develop in childhood until the age of around 8.

Today was the beginning of getting some answers, as difficult as they may be to hear, this is where his plan for the future starts.

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