Day 9 – 5th November


Today started as a a casual morning. Later than usual get up (8am!). Just about to give Henry his breakfast and I got a phone call to say a bed was available at Alder Hey.

I was told there was no rush, and to make my way over to St Mary’s in the next few hours as things wouldn’t be happening quickly as there as the 2hole transport tea, to organize first.

So I thought that I best put some clothes in the wash and pack a bag to get prepared for a few nights away from home.

No sooner than I had put literally every item of clothing that currently fit (9 days after having a baby) in the wash, I got another phone call saying they were leaving within the next half hour.

A mad dash into the hospital, with nothing other than ourselves we arrived to see Thomas be prepared for his move.

The transport team put him into the most horrific looking incubator and totally paralyzed him to keep him as stable as possible for his journey to Liverpool.

We were then asked to say goodbye to him and to make out own way to Alder Hey whilst Thomas would go by blue light for speed.


We arrived ahead of him and had an agonizing wait, not knowing what was going on or if he was traveling well. He had a reputation for having very bad desaturations and often require a lot of intervention to get him back up again.

An hour after arriving at Alder Hey, I received the call to say he was here and he was being admitted to PICU. We were able to see him within 10 minutes.

Within an hour of him being in Alder Hey, he’d had an echocardiogram of his heart, a kidney scan to check his renal system and a full check over.

His echo showed nothing that they didn’t already know, however they wanted to do it themselves with their cardiologists. his renal scan showed again what we already knew – that he has slight dilation of the filtration part within his kidneys but that it is not a major concern. He was put on antibiotics for urinary reflux, just in case it became an issue.

Big day for Thomas!

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