Day 28 – 24th November

A day of strange results for Thomas today. Started off positive with his infection markers still decreasing. Down to 17 now so his sepsis really seems to be under control. However his APTT ( blood clotting) results came back very high so there is question if this an an anomaly, a line contamination or a problem with his heparin dosage. He was presenting as quite jittery this morning so he was given a brain scan just to check that there was no bleeding in his vein (which was a huge worry to me when I was told!). His brain scan showed all was good though which was a huge relief.

Later this evening some swab results came back as positive from growing an airborne infectious bacteria called CPE which he’d been swabbed for 10 days ago. Because this is passed from person to person in the air, we have had to be placed in quarantine until his next 10 day swab growth comes back as negative. So for now, Thomas’ updates will be brought to you from a glass box with its own air supply typed whilst wearing infection control gowns 🙈


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