Day 29 – 25th November

Today was huge progress with the ventilator. Thomas got down to the least settings he had ever been on, and the ventilator could not be set any lower.

Extubation was planned for later this evening after he was given a blood transfusion. Everything was looking very positive. However…

This changed very rapidly. Within 30 minutes of being given blood, Thomas had a bad apneoa moment when he refused to breathe. The ventilator was set to only give him minimal breaths so as he was holding his own he desaturated rapidly and required bagging to bring him back up. He then wouldn’t tolerate the ventilator at all and was fighting everything. Since no one ias sure what happened, he was given a dose of rocuranium (paralysing muscle relaxant) and required full SIMV ventilation.

We are not sure what happened. If he just got too tired from the ventilator and was working too hard, although all his blood gases showed that he was tolerating it well. It has been suggested that he had a non haemolytic transfusion reaction which isn’t good, so hashad a lot of blood and urine samples sent off to check for many different things from a faction to infection. It has also been suggested that his clot may have broken off and travelled causing this episode. For now, we wait…

Such a set back after a positive day 🙁

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