Day 45 – 11th December

Thomas gained a new friend today called Ollie. His lovely auntie Laurie crocheted the amazing Ollie the Octopus to calm and soothe Thomas, which it doing exactly that.

We came out of isolation today after 17 long days. It is so nice to be back in the cubicle and being able to see what is going on around us!

I also had to consent for Thomas to have a permanent central line called a Broviac line, placed in theatre tomorrow as he has no more access points left due to clotting of both legs (femoral veins) and the calcification of his right jugular. This is a small surgery and will take about an hour.

He was taken for a venogram, where she is injected into his veins and he’s scanned by CT to see where exactly they will place the Broviac.

He also had a chest X-ray which showed that he has a small pneumothorax (leaking lung) so that will be monitored closely as if it gets worse it can cause ventilation issues. Ironically, it will have been caused by being ventilated for so long. We need to get him extubated!

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